CHARLOTTE, NC —Mecklenburg County voters and those from around the state are heading to the polls today in a primary election that includes races that promise to not only captivate state voters but also Washington political observers. By midday in the Queen City region, voter turnout is significantly outpacing previous primaries, according to one election spokesperson.

“Early voting was up 50 percent,” Kristin Mavromatis, spokesperson for the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections told Patch. “Today we are slow but steady which [is] typical for this primary,” she said.

“It is the largest turnout we have seen for a midterm at early voting. We are hopeful turn-out will remain high with voting today but that might mean a 15% turnout,” Mavromatis said.

One of the top primary races to watch in North Carolina on May 8 is the fight in Mecklenburg County over who will head to the November ballot to vie for the U.S. House of Representatives, District 9 seat, currently held by Rep. Robert Pittenger.

»Check back throughout the day for updates by Patch from polling sites, comments from candidates, and vote totals as they start to come in.

Pittenger, who has shown allegiance to President Trump, faces not only a competitive primary inside his own party, but also a looming threat that North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District could flip to Democrats during midterm elections in November. A Citivas poll last month, however, showed that Pittenger was leading Republican primary challengers Mark Harris and Clarence Goins with 52 percent support of GOP voters.

Despite the fact that Pittenger’s U.S. House seat has been held by a Republican for the past 55 years, this year it is one of the nation’s most competitive races on deck in November, according to the Charlotte Observer. To boost the incumbent, Vice President Mike Pence was in Charlotte last month headlining an event heralding the new tax cuts.

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Democrat and Marine Corps veteran Dan McCready is a frontrunner aiming for Pittenger’s seat in his party’s primary, and has been compared to Conor Lamb, who narrowly snatched Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District seat from GOP incumbent Rick Saccone in a special election in March, Vox reported. McCready is facing off against fellow Democrat Christian Cano, who came under fire inside his own party during primary leadup after he called McCready a “coward” and “p—–y.”

While Pittenger overperformed Trump in the 2016 election and therefore likely has some cushion, a Democratic wave in the polls in November would leave the seat competitive, political analyst Dr. Michael Bitzer told Patch recently.

“The key to midterm elections are typically the fact that midterms are referendums on the president and his party, and even if a president is ‘above water’ in his job approval, seats may still be lost in both the House and Senate. With Trump’s approval sitting in the high 30s to low 40s, this doesn’t bode well for Republicans in their campaigns this fall,” Bitzer said.

Election results will be posted on the Mecklenburg Board of Elections website beginning at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Registration, Sample Ballots & Voting Hours

Voters can confirm their registration, local polling site and pull up a sample ballot on this NC State Board of Elections website.
On Tuesday, May 8, voting sites will be open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Registered Republicans and Democrats will have opportunity to vote for their party’s candidates and voters registered as Unaffiliated may vote in the partisan primary by requesting a ballot of one of the parties. Write-ins are not permitted in this election.

Below is a list of candidates for the Mecklenburg County Primary May 8. Results will be updated throughout the evening.

1U.S. House House of Representatives, District 92Daniel Kent McCreadyDEM03Fernando Christian Cano Jr.DEM045Robert PittengerGOP06Clarence Wilson Goins, JrGOP07Mark Everette HarrisGOP089U.S. House of Representatives District 1210Alma Shealey AdamsDEM011Gabriel OrtizDEM012Benjamin Patrick RegisterDEM013William Keith YoungDEM01415Carl Johan PerssonGOP016Paul Michael WrightGOP017Paul Windsor Bonham, IIIGOP01819NC State Senate District 3820Roderick DavisDEM021Joel FordDEM022Mujtaba A. MohammedDEM023Tim WallisDEM02425NC State Senate District 3926Ann HarlanDEM027Chad StachowiczDEM02829Dan BishopGOP030Beth MonaghanGOP03132NC House of Representatives District 88GOP033Ty TurnerGOP034Benton Blaine3536NC House of Representatives District 9837Christy ClarkDEM038Branden RosenliebDEM03940NC House of Representatives District 9941Priscilla (P.J.) JohnsonDEM042Nasif MajeedDEM043Rodney W. MooreDEM044Jackson PethtalDEM04546NC House of Representatives District 10147Chance HarrisDEM048Carolyn LoganDEM049Gregory J. MillerDEM050Lucille PuckettDEM05152NC House of Representatives District 10253Becky CarneyDEM054Josh JarrettDEM05556NC House of Representatives District 10557Wesley HarrisDEM058Ayoub OuederniDEM05960NC House of Representatives District 10661Carla CunninghamDEM062Blanche PennDEM06364Board of Commissioners At-Large65Patricia (Pat) CothamDEM066Gerenda DavisDEM067Trevor M. FullerDEM068Jamie HildrethDEM069Tigress Sydney Acute McDanielDEM070Ray McKinnonDEM071Ella ScarboroughDEM07273Board of Commissioners District 274Angela G. EdwardsDEM075Vilma LeakeDEM07677Board of Commissioners District 378Angela R. AmbroiseDEM079George (Giovanni) DortcheDEM080George DunlapDEM08182Board of Commissioners District 483Leigh AltmanDEM084Mark JerrellDEM085Queen ThompsonDEM08687Sheriff88Irwin CarmichaelDEM089Antoine M. EnsleyDEM090Garry L. McFaddenDEM09192District Attorney District 3793Spencer MerriweatherDEM094Toussaint C. RomainDEM0 function posObj(sheet, id, row, col, x, y) { var rtl = false; var sheetElement = document.getElementById(sheet); if (!sheetElement) { sheetElement = document.getElementById(sheet + ‘-grid-container’); } if (sheetElement) { rtl = sheetElement.getAttribute(‘dir’) == ‘rtl’; } var r = document.getElementById(sheet+’R’+row); var c = document.getElementById(sheet+’C’+col); if (r && c) { var objElement = document.getElementById(id); var s =; var t = y; while (r && r != sheetElement) { t += r.offsetTop; r = r.offsetParent; } var offsetX = x; while (c && c != sheetElement) { offsetX += c.offsetLeft; c = c.offsetParent; } if (rtl) { offsetX -= objElement.offsetWidth; } s.left = offsetX + ‘px’; = t + ‘px’; s.display = ‘block’; s.border = ‘1px solid #000000’; } }; function posObjs() { }; posObjs(); activeSheetId = ‘2’; switchToSheet(‘2’);Mecklenburg County Election Results><

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